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About serraolaser

Thousands of people live a happier, more secure and more active life thanks to Laser Sight Correction.

The patient’s satisfaction and well being are the main aims of every surgical procedure carried out by dr. Serrao.

A staff of the highest quality contribute to and guarantee the checking up of every therapeutic project.

In this site, and in the replies to your emails you will find everything that is currently accepted by the international bibliography on ophtalmology.

“Surgery for cataracts and laser correction for sight defects require a high degree of specialization. The patient should be at the center of the surgeon’s attention before, during and after the operation.
For us this is the standard…
…the standard that makes the difference.”

Sebastiano Serrao

This site contains information on some of the most common eye pathologies, on diagnostic and therapeutic methodology, the CV’s of the eye specialists online, and links to the main sites of ophtalmological interest.